Company Founders have decades of experience in shipping industry and are engaged into chartering and forwarding business of Mechanized Sailing Vessels mainly handling export and import cargo shipments from various ports in west coast of India, Gulf and African countries. Founders have been operating more than 300 foreign going/coastal Mechanized Sailing vessels under their portfolio ranging from 200 MT to 1800 MT capacity.Founders also own Mechanized Sailing vessels.In the pursuit for development and as per demands of the modern times, founders decided to use their expertise and ventured into the offshore support service sector in 2017.

Clients and past work

We have successfully provided Indian sailing vessels and MS class tugs for Seismic survey work carried off the west coast of India off Mumbai by ONGC. The services provided by our vessels were appreciated by the captain of the seismic vessel.
We take pride in providing traditional sailing vessels which are like a heritage for our country, these vessels are well equipped with all the required Navigational, firefighting, communication and safety equipment.
Our vessels are competitive as far as cost of chartering and fuel consumption is concerned as compared to other MS class steel vessels. Thus, this helps in bringing down the total cost of the survey project. The crew members employed by us for chase boat manning are highly experienced in sea voyages as well as fishing thus they are aware of the various fishing techniques used by different fishermen; this experience is very important for chase boat work for seismic surveys.
our vessels